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Welcome to the Wiki for this Campaign!

This is where I will post information concerning the setting of this campaign. I will post links to places with information about the Eberron campaign setting, as well as my own typed up descriptions for information concerning our specific campaign.

Here I will describe the setting of the world. I will divide description of different parts of the world into other pages, but for those who simply want to browse, here is the quick summary:

This campaign will be based off of the setting known as “Eberron,” with many alterations.

Things that are the same as the original Eberron Campaign Setting:
1. The houses and the guilds they control are the same.
2. The geographic position of countries and cities are still as they were.
3. The map in general is unchanged.
4. The races that existed in Eberron are still the same, but any races used by player characters will be integrated into the world.
5. Dragonmarks, Dragonshards, and Draconic Prophecy still exist.

Things that I have changed:
1. The houses are now the primary form of government on the continent. There are town governments and militia, but most major cities are run by, governed, and protected by the house, or houses, that have operations within them.
2. The History contains most of the original pieces, but I’ve rearranged some of them, and omitted certain things.
3. While all of the magitech remains, but there is now more conventional technology, steam energy, and powder technology than the original setting.

And now, a general description:
The year is 1072 YK, and the continent of Khorvaire is in a time of great change and growth. Historically a continent ruled by Human nobility, in 998 YK, two years after the “Last War,” a battle between the kingdoms over the throne of Khorvaire, a rapid change was wrought by multiple groups, kingdoms, countries, and Houses. Beginning with the disappearance of one of the Kingdom’s legitimate heirs and the resulting takeover by a warmongering new lord, the continent was nearly flung back into destruction. Attacking the other nations with unprecedented force and technology, the continent quickly fell into chaos. In response to this threat, a group of adventurers appeared, composed of the lost warforged hero, Bulwark, the missing heir of the Kingdom, a demon mercenary, the last holder of the Mark of Death, and an augmented human.

Banding together the remains of the other nations and houses, the heroes led the continent back to peace, but were then left with a choice. With the other nations in ruin, and the only heir to the kingdom’s throne unwilling to become its queen, the heroes made an unexpected decision, and dissolved the kingdom. With only Bulwark staying behind to house the recovery of the ruined continent, the rest of the heroes disappeared, marking the end of another war, and beginning the age of recovery. Just as the other heroes did before, and as he had twelve years ago, Bulwark walked away from the kingdom and into the mournland, making the year 1010 YK the true handing over of the country’s power from the heroes to the people of Khorvaire.

Now it is the sixty-second year of peace in Khorvaire. The Dragonmarked Houses have returned in full strength, becoming the center of growth for the reborn nation. Cities have sprung up around their bases of operation, creating many centers of economic and cultural growth, a “Renaissance” of sorts.

Here is a timeline for the events in the world that take place before my summary above.

This Wiki has a lot of useful information for the random parts of Eberron.

Here is an unedited map for Khorvaire.

This is a map of the entire world in Eberron.

Summary of the Dragonmarked Houses
Summary of Lands

First map for mission:

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